Procedure: Custom Lasik Surgery

LASIK depends on the particular procedure and technology used.

LASIK is a laser procedure

that reshapes the cornea so it can correctly refract light onto the retina. During a traditional LASIK procedure, a thin flap is created in the surface of the cornea with a microkeratome (or in bladeless LASIK, a femtosecond laser). Then, an excimer laser is used to reshape the corneal tissue. Afterward, the flap is restored over the eye, where it heals itself.

Patients who are thinking about undergoing laser eye surgery can view our LASIK FAQ page to learn more about this procedure.

Appropriate Lasik Candidates
In general, suitable LASIK candidates include individuals who:
  • Have healthy eyes
  • Have stable vision with a prescription that has not changed for at least one year prior to the vision correction procedure
  • Are at least 18 years old if treating nearsightedness or at least 21 years old if treating astigmatism
  • Do not have a degenerative or autoimmune disease
  • Do not have any health conditions that impede the body’s healing processes
  • Are not pregnant or nursing